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Different Tutors have different teaching methods and styles. One of the primary benefits of private tuition is that the Tutor can tailor their method to the needs of the individual student in a way that cannot be achieved in the larger group classroom setting. There is no set pattern or material for private tuition. Every student is an individual, and student and Tutor need to find their best approach together. The background information given before starting is of great help and the Tutor will ask for any additional information needed.

Please ensure that tuition can be conducted in a quiet atmosphere conducive to concentration on the tuition involved. Tuition normally consists of one-hour sessions. Shorter or longer sessions should be agreed upon in advance between client and Tutor.

At the start, it can be difficult to determine how much tuition a student requires. Kirsty Campbell Tuition tries to be as flexible as possible as it is important to get the balance right for you or your child. Some parents use private tuition as a year-round supplement to their child’s education. For others, just a few sessions may be required as a top-up and confidence builder prior to an exam. All parents and students would like to see private tuition as a quick fix, in reality, it is not. It can take time for trust and rapport to be built between Tutor and child. Kirsty Campbell Tuition will endeavour to find a suitable match between the Client and Tutor taking into account the Tutors available to Kirsty Campbell Tuition, and your individual requirements, which you communicated to us prior to our assignment to you of a Tutor. However, sometimes a Tutor’s teaching method or personality may not suit the student involved. If this is the case, please contact us straight away, and we will do our best to find a replacement as soon as possible.


A Tutor cannot be held responsible for chaperoning minors, nor guarding a house and household effects while Tutoring. Please ensure that a responsible adult is on the premises at all times.


The minimum charge for the attendance of a Tutor at a session is your hourly rate of charge for that Tutor. Please note that there can be considerable preparation involved before each session of tuition, in addition to travel time and cost to the Tutor.


Please contact your Tutor directly over such matters, especially during the usual holiday periods, giving a minimum of 48 hours’ notice (except in unforeseeable situations). Cancellations without due notice will be charged at the one-hour rate.


If a Tutor, for any reason, has to stop tuition mid-course, Kirsty Campbell Tuition will endeavour to replace that Tutor as soon as possible, subject to availability, in order to minimise disruption to the student’s progress.


Please give at least a week’s notice of end of tuition in writing both to your Tutor and to Kirsty Campbell Tuition, so that your Tutor may conclude his/her/their work with the student and plan their work with the student and plan their own commitments. This cancellation provision applies after tuition has commenced. You may either e-mail or message notice to the address on this leaflet. The notice will be deemed to have been received by Kirsty Campbell Tuition the second working day after the notice was posted.


Two payment plans exist, a weekly payment plan and monthly billing plan. With the monthly payment plan, invoices are sent to you early in the month to cover tuition in the preceding month. For example, tuition that will be received by a client during the month of September will normally be invoiced to the client early in September. Invoices thus rendered cover monies receivable for and on behalf of the Tutor together with fees due to Kirsty Campbell Tuition and any VAT, thereon. Please insure that payment for all invoices is received within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

By selecting the weekly payment plan, you are required to make payment for the session within 24 hours of the session taking place. The course is flexible in terms of illness and holidays, and sessions can be rescheduled for an alternative date if the client provides a minimum of 48 hours notice of the cancellation of the session to the Tutor. 


When a client has pre-paid for a course of tuition, and a client is not satisfied with a particular Tutor or if a Tutor must stop tuition mid-course due to unforeseeable circumstances, Kirsty Campbell Tuition will endeavour to find a replacement Tutor. If a replacement cannot be found of the level and subject required by the Client, then Kirsty Campbell Tuition will refund the balance of the course fees paid by the client representing the number of pre-paid sessions for which the client does not receive tuition.


Kirsty Campbell Tuition acts as an agent of the Tutor by providing introductions of Tutors to clients and vice versa. It also collects fees from the client on behalf of the Tutor together with its own fee in respect of its administration commission, which is included within the hourly rate quoted for a particular Tutor and which is payable solely by the client.

These Guidelines form a part of the client’s contract with Kirsty Campbell Tuition and with the Tutor.


Fleet Tutors is registered under the Data Protection Act to hold and use client data for the purposes of the services that it provides. Clients providing personal data to Kirsty Campbell Tuition are consenting to the use of that data by Kirsty Campbell Tuition for the purpose of effecting introductions to Tutors, for billing and fee collecting purposes and to enable Kirsty Campbell Tuition to contact the client and/or student from time to time. 


Any opinion expressed by a Tutor is not necessarily an expression of the opinion of Kirsty Campbell Tuition.


  • These terms and conditions of business (“Terms of Business”) are between Kirsty Campbell Tuition (acting for itself and as an agent on behalf of the Tutor supplied by Kirsty Campbell Tuition (“the Tutor”)) and the client and are deemed to be accepted by the client when the client arranges a session of tuition by the Tutor introduced to them by Kirsty Campbell Tuition or completes and returns the acknowledgement form, whichever occurs first.

  • The Tutor is responsible for coordinating the tuition and will request the necessary background information from the Client and/or student nominated by the Client (“the Student”) from time to time. Tuition is available online or will be held at the Student’s home.

  • The Tutor is engaged by the Client only to provide tuition and is not responsible for the safety, welfare, well being and care of minor Students or for the protection of any person’s property. In the case of Students under the age of 18 years, a responsible adult (other than the Tutor) must be present at the premises at all times during which the Tutor attends for tuition.

We hope these guidelines help to clarify how private tuition operates with Kirsty Campbell Tuition.

If you have any further queries or comments please contact us by phone or e-mail so that you are provided with the highest possible level of service.

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