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I have 2 daughters working with Kirsty Campbell Tuition and in just a matter of weeks, I have seen a huge difference. My daughters (P5) and (S1) have had a huge confidence boost to their learning. Being in lockdown and not in school we were concerned that our homeschooling parenting skills weren’t really cutting it and just wanted to ensure they were continuing to learn, and more than anything once they return to the classroom they felt confident. I’m delighted with the learning experience. I get weekly feedback and can’t recommend Kirsty Campbell Tuition highly enough. 

Debbie - Parent

Damien is really enjoying his sessions and feels so much more confident in his maths so thank you for finding the perfect tutor for him. We genuinely mean it!  He came off his first session buzzing and he looks forward to it every week

Tracy - Parent

You have been the most amazing tutor and mentor to my daughter it’s paying off massively she’s flying high and a lot of that is because of you. Would recommend you highly to anyone looking for a tutor.

Paula - Parent

Ruby loves her tutoring with you and her 82% pass mark for her National 4 Unit Test was a real credit to the work you are doing with her - thank you.

Marissa - Parent

I can’t recommend you highly enough! The way you instil confidence and give your students believe in their ability is no mean feat!”

Sharon - Parent

Kirsty is an amazing tutor who has provided invaluable support to my eldest daughter through Nat 5, higher and adv higher which has contributed to her unconditional offers for uni. Kirsty is also brilliant with my s1 providing extra help with homeschooling. I cannot thank her enough

Lyndsey - Parent

Kirsty is amazing. She tutors my J3 in maths and he's come on leaps and bounds. Most importantly he adores her. Highly recommend.

Kirsty - Parent

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