Our Tutors

Kirsty Campbell

Maths, English  and History

History (MA), University of Edinburgh

Adam Woolfson

Maths and Physics

Third Year Mechanical Engineering, Heriot-Watt University

Rory Martin

English and Maths

Final Year English Literature, University of Edinburgh

Maths, English, History

Erin Lowe

French, Spanish and English

English and European Languages (MA), University of Dundee

Olivia Ramsay

Biology and Human Biology

Final Year Pharmacology,

University of Edinburgh

Caitlin Mills

Maths and English

Scots and English Law (LLB),

University of Dundee

 International Law (LLM),

University of Edinburgh

Jack Hughes

Maths, Physics and Chemistry

Aeronautical Engineering (BEng), University of Glasgow

Lewis Trundle

Maths and Physics 

Second Year Physics,

University of Glasgow

Awais Irfan

Maths, English and Media

Digital Film Production,

 SAE Institute, Glasgow

(MLitt) Creative Writing,

University of Glasgow

Claire Cuddihy

Maths and English

(MA) English Literature, University of Swansea

Fatima Hussain


Third Year, Medicine, University of Edinburgh

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